Here are the answers to the questions you all ask the often. If you dont see your answer here please contact me on

  • Are you going to be making any more of (awesome design)?

I often will be making some more of whatever design you are chasing, but given my time availability they might be a little way off. I usually only restock a design once or twice so that I can make some more cool things. I will post on social media about the status of a design but if you cant see anything feel free to shoot me a message.

At this stage there are no plans to make any more cuttlefish or atlas moths

  • Do you make customs?
I do. I rarely offer the service anymore because they are a huge commitment and often lose money in the process. Check out instagram for some past pieces. If you are really chasing something specific then feel free to get in contact but I cant promise anything

  • Are you going to make (specific awesome animal species)?

Maybe! There are so many cool animals out there I'd love to make all of them but I'm so time poor. I usually only know one design ahead what I'm actually making and that will be promoted on instagram. If you really want something specific then feel free to contact me

  • How do you manage to be so totally awesome while dealing with a two year old

hiding in the cupboard eating an entire cheescake is all that gets me through the day

  • Your packaging looks pretty different to some other brands? 

  • Although I love a beautiful parcel with all sorts of pretty paper, ribbons and doodads, my aim in all I do it to minimise the environmental impact as much as possible. I pack your order in reusable cardboard boxes instead of single use plastic post bags. Your brooch is wrapped in 'Green wrap', a great paper alternative to bubblewrap,tied with string and then padded with recycled paper .Sometimes you may get the odd bit of coloured paper or bubblewrap as I reuse whatever I can, and encourage you to do the same.

  • You try to minimise your environmental impact but arent your brooches made out of plastic?

  • They are, acrylic is a type of plastic. At this moment in time there is no recycled acrylic available in Australia, but there are products available in other parts of the world and hopefully they will make it here soon. I do battle with the concept of creating things out of plastic when my aim is to promote conservation, however at this stage I have decided to continue as the brooches are not one use items and do allow me to contribute to many great causes. but you also send brooches all over the world, what about your carbon footpaint? again, it is the nature of the business that I will be posting brooches all over the place. I balance this by buying most of my supplies locally.

  • Why don't you donate a percentage of profits to conservation charaties like many other makers these days?

  • Australian fundraising and charity laws are fairly strict and a person is not allowed to advertise that they are collecting money for a charity unless they are registered with them. Organisations based overseas can't be registered in Australia. Although I cannot claim to donate profits, I donate my time, money and supplies on a regular basis from my own personal funds.