Hi! I'm Cathy, the person behind this whole thing. I have a passion for wildlife conservation and started doing all this as a way to raise awareness for the amazing species that don't tend to end up in the spotlight.

 All of my brooches are hand made by me. I spend a lot of my time painting and gluing as well as trying to balance part time work, a toddler, two insane little dogs and generally being awesome.

Now onto the reason I do all of this, my passion, my love: the Pangolin    There are all sorts of interesting and beautiful creatures in the world that people haven't heard of. My favorite is the gorgeous little pangolin. I am dedicated to these little animals, helping out conservation organisations as much as I can, donating regularly, sending much needed supplies and volunteering as often as I can

Pangolins are the most marvellous creatures. They are the only mammals completely covered in scales, they roll into a little ball when scared and have a tongue as long as their body. They are highly sought after for traditional medicine and eaten as a delicacy. This has made them the most trafficked animal in the world. Every week in the news there is another story about a shipment of animals or scales being confiscated. In these huge numbers it makes my heart ache that the wild population must be in such turmoil we might loose them forever very soon. Fantastic organisations to donate to to help are Traffic.org (aid in the confiscation and disruption of trade of a range of protect species) and Save Vietnam's Wildlife (a center for the rehabilitation and release of the confiscated animals). 

Thanks for reading, check out the frequently ask questions page if you want to know more