• Image of “Never forget” Dodo acrylic brooch PREORDER
  • Image of “Never forget” Dodo acrylic brooch PREORDER

“Never forget” is a multilayered acrylic brooch with hand painted details. He is 7cm tall.

His listing is for a preorder item. Please allow 4-6 weeks processing time. If you are placing an order with multiple items, including those in stock, they will all ship together when preorders are completed

“Never forget” aims to be a reminder to the wearer that what happened to the dodo is a reality that can happen again to any of the amazing species on the earth.
The dodo is loved by many as his amusing stumpy appearance, often adorably stupid looking expression and the pure whimsy of an animal we have never seen with our own eyes.
I think he should also help us remember that extinction is real. It happened, it’s happening now and will continue to happen.
We need to be aware of what is happening around us and act for change

50% of the profit from this brooch will be donated to the Tikki Hywood Foundation who rescue, rehabilitate and release native wildlife in Zimbabwe

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